Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons)

R/143/6/0124 (MQA/FA 1746), R/143/6/0125 (MQA/FA 1872)
Level of Study: 
Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Education & Humanities

Programme Overview

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons) provides the candidates with sound knowledge in the areas of early childhood studies in general. At the national level, there is a need to produce graduates who are competent in knowledge and skill as well as possess high sense of professionalism and integrity. This programme offers the window of opportunities  to candidates who see their future in the paths of knowledge workers through higer level of studies and contributing towards accelerating growth leading to a high income nation in 2020.

Generally student work as practitioners, centre owner, Tadika/Taska Managers, Parent child consultant, ECE policy maker, special education expert, child space designer, child toy designer and any other related.

Programme details