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How to Re-learn (going back to school after 10 years of working)

You may have heard the saying “School isn’t for everyone” many times before. There is a big problem with this statement – it assumes that some people are not capable of learning. This statement could not be more wrong! The truth is: Everyone is capable of learning, but no two individuals will have the same learning pace. Student A might be great at mathematics but not at reading and comprehension but Student B might be the exact inverse.

With this common misconception about learning abilities comes stress and anxiety for those who have struggled in education. In Malaysia, it is a common practice for many to attain a Foundation Certificate or Diploma and immediately start their careers. The number of Bachelor’s Degree holders in this country is still low compared to countries such as the US or UK.

Many who join our UNITAR Postgraduate Online programmes are seasoned professionals with over 10 years of experience, but they have not “been in school” for their whole professional careers. They are anxious if they can cope with the rigor of the courses and achieving a proper balance between work, school, and their personal lives.

The most important component of achieving a work-life balance is time management. We advise creating a schedule of priorities and make sure you achieve these targets. Using the UNITAR MBA as an example, the schedule is given in the first week of E-facilitations and you will be able to plan accordingly throughout the seven weeks of the module.

The second biggest component is reminding yourself of the motivations behind furthering your education. It is important to keep your mind focused and determined on the education journey, especially when you have dedicated your monetary resources towards it. The online postgraduate programmes at UNITAR are designed for the working adult to cope even with a full work schedule.

While it may be tough to adjust to re-learning, it must be noted that as humans, we learn on a daily basis. Whether it’s something we read on our favourite website or newspaper article, there is always something new to learn. The manner in which we approach learning is a combination of achieving the right balance and maintaining the a strong sense of determination towards your goals.

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