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UNITAR has one of the highest student employability rates

The chance to further one’s studies at university no longer guarantees positive changes in your life. The Ministry of Education’s 2018 Graduate Tracer Study recorded that 51,365 graduates of tertiary education level were still unemployed.

Nevertheless, graduates should think of new ways to ensure their chances of employability are high upon graduation. One solution is to further your studies at a university with many industry partners in various fields. These partners are the answer to future job opportunities for you.

UNITAR works with more than 118 industry partners and has a graduate marketability rate of 91%, which is one of the highest in the country. Below are the fields of study offered by UNITAR and some of its industry partners which could be your potential employer in the future.

Besides industrial training, UNITAR strives to give students real-industry experience so that job opportunities are open wide to these students. Through roundtables with industry experts, seminars, workshops and question-and-answer sessions, students gain valuable knowledge thanks to UNITAR’s holistic guidance.

Business, Technology and Accounting

The potential of the business, technology and accounting fields in paving the way to job opportunities cannot be denied. Graduates who have completed their studies in these fields generally do not have difficulty in getting a job right after graduation.

For example, the business field is one of the main fields in any country. The returns from this field contribute to the country’s wealth through taxes while also supporting the nation’s growth by offering job opportunities to its citizens. If you further your studies in this field, you will not only be in high demand, but you can also start your own business with the skills and knowledge you gain from the courses. At UNITAR, we offer two levels of study: the Diploma in Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons).

The technology field is also an important field in this era as technological advancements are constantly occurring. At UNITAR, there are three levels of study in this field: the Foundation in Information TechnologyDiploma in Information Technology and Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons). Work gets done faster and more systematically with technology, while also crossing borders without any barriers. For example, communication technology hastens the sharing of information to the whole world through various technological platforms such as email, telephones and more.

The accounting field is needed in all sectors including business, services, construction and commercial farming. The responsibility of an accountant is to carry out bookkeeping tasks while also managing the company’s performance (accounting for profit and losses). If you have accounting skills, it gives you an advantage in managing finances if you start your own business, which includes salary, profit and loss calculation and monitoring. At UNITAR, you can further your studies in the accounting field with the Diploma in Accounting and Bachelor of Accounting programmes

If you further your studies at UNITAR, opportunities to be offered jobs right after graduation is sky high because UNITAR has partnerships in industries related to the fields of business, technology and accounting such as Permodalan Nasional Berhad, Tabung Haji, Bank Rakyat, and many more. These large corporations open up various job opportunities for you after graduation.

Education and Humanities

Education is a lucrative investment for parents when their kids are successful and self-reliant, being able to earn their own keep and support their ageing parents. Early childhood education is gaining popularity among parents who prioritise children’s education since they believe early education is important for children as they are more susceptible to retaining knowledge and develop brain intelligence at a younger age.

The lifestyles of society, particularly in urban areas forces parents to send their children to early childhood education centres to ensure that the development of the children’s minds is not deterred by the busyness of their parents who may overlook their learning after a long day at work. Thus, the majority of parents send their children to early childhood education centres, and this is where the field of early childhood education is needed now. Aware of this high demand for graduates in this field, UNITAR offers three of the best education programmes, which are Diploma in Early Childhood EducationBachelor of Education (Hons) and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons).

The field of humanities is the field of study of human- or community-related elements using analytical, critical and speculative methods in the aspects of linguistic studies, literature, history, philosophy, religion, visual arts, performing arts (including music) and more. In summary, the humanities is a study on human behaviour, thinking, various religions and languages and so on.

At UNITAR, there are several programs of study offered in the field of humanities including above-mentioned educational programs in addition to the Bachelor of English (Hons)Bachelor of Guidance and Couselling (Hons)Bachelor of Communication (Hons) and Diploma in Communication Studies.

Similar to the business, technology and accounting field, UNITAR is not far behind by having industry partners in the fields of education and the humanities, such as Kidzania and Genius Aulad. Both are companies that open up various job opportunities especially for early childhood education graduates. Therefore, don’t let go of this chance to get the best education you can have while also having a good job right after graduation.

Culinary Arts and Tourism

The culinary arts deals with the preparation of food, cooking methods and technology used in the processing of food. This course prepares students to delve into and manage a culinary business in this ever-competitive work environment on a global scale. At UNITAR, there are two culinary arts programmes, which are Diploma in Culinary Arts and Bachelor of Culinary Arts (Hons).

Meanwhile, tourism is parked under hospitality studies at the undergraduate level, exposing students to various careers in the hospitality industry through various aspects from hotel management to event planning and management. Students learn management skills covering the areas of hospitality and practical hotel skills, which include communication, management and service planning.

This rapidly expanding field offers many job opportunities in close collaboration with UNITAR industry partners in the field including Malaysia Tourism Centre, Manhattan Fish Market, TonyRoma’s and San Francisco Coffee. If you are interested, you can pursue the Diploma in Hotel ManagementDiploma in Tourism Management and Bachelor of Hospitality Management at UNITAR.

Student Experience

UNITAR’s industry connectivity has been proven through its students’ active involvement in various initiatives and projects outside the university. This is the result of UNITAR’s emphasis on the principle of C.A.R.E. (Collaborative, Adaptive, Reflective, Entrepreneurial) into students, producing individuals who are professional, have the skills to adapt to many situations who have grown to become individuals of professionalism, have the ability to adapt to any situation, and the knowledge to contribute their leadership skills. At UNITAR, C.A.R.E. is embedded and emphasised in every learning activity and session.

One student who has benefited from this level of care is Rafi Alam, who is studying the Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) at UNITAR. He shares his experience of being exposed to real industry demands: “Recently, along with two of my uni mates, I took part in a competition organised by Wisesight. It was a videomaking competition that tested our production skills in line with real industry requirements. Our video was titled ‘Wiseside of Wisesight’ and we got first place!”

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In terms of campus facilities, UNITAR has 11 locations throughout Malaysia (one in almost every state), including one each in Sabah and Sarawak, as well as its main campus in Kelana Jaya.

Worried about financial problems? Don’t worry, because UNITAR offers zakat aid and PTPTN assistance to eligible students. For those who are interested in pursuing their studies in UNITAR, you can apply for UNITAR by clicking APPLY NOW!

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