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Technology in our time

We live in a world where technology sits at our fingertips but some argue it’s still not advanced enough. It costs billions of dollars in research and development every year to maintain an upward trajectory in technological enhancement. What do we do with our technology? We use it stay in constant communication and to receive information instantly. Gone are the days of traditional communication. Is it all worth it?

Back then, if you wanted to send someone a letter, you had to physically write your message on a piece of paper or on a typewriter. Once written, you put the letter in an envelope, and have the postman retrieve the letter and send it to the recipient. This process could take a week! Now? You send an e-mail. And the recipient receives the message in a matter of seconds.

Remember a landline? Yes – it was your “house number”. It was the stable communication method that let people know if you were home or not, to see if they can stop by and have a quick chat. It was the best way to call international numbers due to the lower rates. How many people still have a landline? Now, all you need is a smartphone with a stable internet connection, and you can video call anyone from halfway across the globe!

No one can deny that technology has helped humanity, but there are still some out there who believe technology has endangered the capabilities of human development. While there is truth to this theory, it is hard to look past the profound benefits of a digital world. In the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic that transformed the entire world in 2020, several countries decided to pursue some version of a lockdown for the health and safety of its citizens.

While economies took big hits, there was still a saving grace – everyone went “Digital”. The technology of our time allowed millions of people to turn their daily lives into a virtual reality. In Malaysia, online delivery services became the pinnacle infrastructure to allow Malaysians to buy their essentials while being stuck at home. Conventional large businesses implemented “work from home” strategies where video conference calls became the centre of all business.

The technology of 2020 may not be advanced enough to catch deadly viruses before they spread. However, it is advanced enough to stop history from repeating itself in the form of the Great Depression. The vast majority are still capable of adjusting to the “New Normal”, as difficult as it may be.

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