Choosing Journals - Part 1: The Untouchables

Usually researchers begin selecting where to publish an article when writing is almost completed. Experienced researchers however often identify their target journal much earlier so the niche scope and writing style can be tailored according to the journal’s requirement, which in turn increases the chance of being accepted. Such insight is gained by going through years of repeated torment of addressing editor’s rejection and modification request. For the more clueless on where to submit an almost-finished manuscript, this article is intended to give some light on the factors that one should consider.

Despite how the title sounds, the first thing you should do is to identify which journal you should not choose. Be mindful of these:

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The Navigator


The Navigator, by Omar Zaid, M.D.

When I first began writing it never occurred to me that I would end up writing several books on various topics. It just happened as a natural course of events. Eventually I realized I had become a bit like Goethe and seemed to move almost seamlessly from room to room in and out of several disciplines while citing experts in areas I had only just read about. Here was the key to my apparent eclecticism. I could read. Not only could I, but I loved it and never seemed to tire of discovery. At a moment’s notice and with the slightest suggestion, an author might mention something of which I had no knowledge, at which point I would go no further until I had ‘read-up’ on the matter.

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International Open Access Week 2016 (24-30 October)

Open Access week


It is the time of the year again where academic publishers share the latest articles online for free. Although not everyone are as generous, there are some major publishers who support this annual event for the benefit of scholars around the world. The Royal Society has committed to provide all its content for free from 24th October to 6th November which sums up to 350 years of scientific publication. It is one of the most prestigious publishers producing several journals which rank in tier 1 of the ISI index. Take your time to dig on your subject of interest in their portal at

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Asean-CSR Network Small Grants Fund

The ASEAN CSR Vision 2020 Small Grants Fund is offered by the ASEAN CSR Network with the support of the Government of Sweden through its Embassy in Bangkok. It is designed to provide access to supplementary funding to local and regional organizations who are engaged in work to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and with an interest to link their work to regional objectives. The grant is valued between SGD3,000 to SGD10,000.

The proposed project should relate to ASEAN CSR Vision 2020 which can be read here:

Academicians interested to apply for this opportunity can visit the official website at

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The 30th Conference of AAOU will be held in Manila from 26 to 29 of October 2016 with this year’s theme as “Open Education in Asia: Changing Perspective.” We are excited to have an international conference this year which focuses on teaching pedagogy and digital access to learning. The sub-themes are:

  • Academic leadership in open and distance e-learning (ODeL)
  • Open educational practices, open pedagogies
  • Open educational resources (OER) and open online courses (including MOOCs)
  • Digital and new media literacies
  • Assessment of learning in ODeL
  • Learning spaces and technologies in ODeL
  • Learning analytics and learner support in ODeL
  • Quality assurance in ODeL

Please view the conference website at and keep note on the important dates:

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